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What Happens If You Ignore A Traffic Ticket In NY?

 During your lifetime as a driver, you may get pulled over by the police and issued a traffic ticket. You are then faced with three options on how to respond to the traffic ticket: ignore the ticket, plead guilty and pay the fine, or fight the ticket. 


Regardless of how big a nuisance a traffic ticket may be, ignoring the ticket is never a good option. Potential consequences include:

· Suspension of your license – ignoring the ticket may lead to the traffic court entering a default judgment with a maximum fine and/or suspension of your license 


· Raised insurance rates – A suspended license will likely lead to an increased insurance premium when the license suspension is lifted


· Points on your license – 11 or more points accrued within an 18-month period can lead to the suspension of your license


· Financial obligations – Over time, the money you owe for the default judgment will increase


Pleading guilty and paying the fine is another unacceptable option. In addition to the fine, pleading guilty to a traffic violation can add points to a driver’s license and lead to increased insurance premiums. Remember, 11 or more points accrued within an 18-month period can lead to the suspension of a driver’s license. 


The best option is to fight the ticket. Simply put, pleading guilty automatically means you are guilty. With it come the consequences outlined above and there is no chance to put up a fight. It is in the driver’s best interest to hire an experienced attorney to advocate on their behalf and give them the best chance for a favorable result. Contact our office for a free consultation.