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What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do [Best Criminal Lawyers in Garden City]

A criminal lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in the defense of individuals and companies accused of crimes. They are typically called in by the defendant or their family when they have been charged with a crime. Criminal lawyers may represent the accused in court, negotiate pleas or prepare briefs and give advice to their clients. Depending on their experience, these lawyers can be either defense attorneys or prosecutors.


A criminal lawyer’s role is to advise clients on how to plead their case (guilty or not guilty), and provide them with legal representation in court proceedings. A criminal lawyer also helps the client understand their rights and responsibilities as they’re outlined by the law.


The criminal lawyer takes on the role of representing and defending the interests of their client, who is typically referred to as “the accused” or “the defendant”. When it comes to the trial in the court, criminal lawyers will represent their client at all stages of the proceedings and make submissions to the judge or jury that are relevant to their case. They  defend their client by presenting evidence that may prove them innocent as well as arguing that even if they are guilty, there are mitigating circumstances that should lead to a lighter sentence than what is being sought by the law.


Best Criminal Lawyers in Garden City


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