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Driving While Intoxicated

A crime if found guilty, DWI's are serious charges that should not be taken lightly. It is important to retain competent representation to defend you if charged with an alcohol and/or drug related offense. .

Speeding Infractions

Being found guilty of a speeding violation in the State of New York can cost you anywhere from 3-11 points on your license. 11 or more points on your driver‘s license within an 18 month period can lead to a suspension.

Red Light Infractions

Red light violations carry 3 points and a hefty fine. A police officer must prove he/she saw you prior to a stopping point while the light was red and then saw you proceed through the stopping point while the light remained red.

Cell Phone/Portable Electronic Device Infractions

A guilty verdict on a Cell Phone/Portable Electronic Device Ticket carries 5 points with it along with a fine. An experienced traffic court attorney knows the necessary elements a police officer must testify to in order to win his case. If an officer fails to address a certain element and your attorney catches it, a not guilty finding is likely

Driving With A Suspended License

In New York, if you are pulled over while your license is suspended, you may be charged with a violation. More likely however, you will be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony (Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle). A conviction could result in a fine, jail time, a criminal record, and a further loss of driving privileges.

1110A/Disobey Traffic Control Device

A 2 point violation if found guilty, disobeying a traffic control device is a very common traffic infraction. Having vast experience with section 1110A, The Kessler Law Firm is always ready to defend you.

The Kessler Law Firm plea bargained my speeding ticket down to a parking violation allowing me to join the National Guard

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The Kessler Law Firm fought my stop sign case in Queens and won saving me points and money

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The Kessler Firm has represented me numerous times. Always available to talk.

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