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Importance of Criminal Lawyers [Best Criminal Lawyers in Nassau County]

A criminal lawyer is a legal professional who expertise in the defense of individuals and corporations charged with criminal offenses. Criminal lawyers typically specialize in one or more areas of law, such as white collar crime, environmental law, drug crimes, or tax evasion.


In the United States, the American Bar Association (ABA) is the national professional organization for lawyers. It was established in 1878 and today has more than 400,000 members. The ABA provides a variety of services for both criminal and civil law practices.


The American Bar Association also has a Criminal Justice Section that provides resources on topics such as sentencing reform, law enforcement, drug policy and other related topics.


Criminal lawyers are a necessity in the judicial system. They represent defendants who are facing criminal charges and provide them with legal advice. The importance of a criminal lawyer is to ensure that their clients are well represented in the courtroom and that they are not falsely accused of crimes.


The role of a criminal lawyer is to make sure that the defendant has their best interests at heart and that their rights are protected throughout the process. Criminal lawyers have different specializations, for example, some specialize in defending people who have been charged with domestic violence while others specialize in defending those who have been charged with drug offenses.


Best Criminal Lawyers in Nassau County


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A leading criminal lawyers firm in Nassau County, The Kessler Law Firm was founded by Kevin Kessler, a prosecutor for the Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency. You can connect with the firm by calling on 516 578 4160 or emailing to For more details, you can even visit their official website