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Driving Without a License in New York ("Unlicensed Operator")

VTL Section 509-1 states that anyone convicted of driving without a valid license in New York State will be charged a fine between $75 and $300. This is also true for drivers whose license has been expired for more than 90 days. Drivers whose license has been expired for less than 90 days can be fined up to $40. 


There are no points associated for an Unlicensed Operator conviction. Once a ticket is issued under VTL 509-1, the motorist must show they were licensed to drive at the time of the offense. A 509-1 charge is likely to be dismissed with proper proof. 

A license does not have to be issued in New York State for it to be a valid form of proof. An unexpired driver’s license from any state in the United States or Canada can be used as proof to show the motorist was licensed to drive. Further, the same is true for anyone licensed in another country provided the motorist is not a New York State resident.